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Building Kind Schools and Communities

May’s Kids Choosing Kindness!!

Every month we would like to express our appreciation and recognize kids who are doing something extra to spread kindness. We are so grateful for all youth who choose kindness and would love to post your stories of kids choosing kindness on our website. Please e-mail your stories to jeremiahshopefk@gmail.com.
This month Adam and Aaron Reisetter are being recognized with appreciation as our Kids Choosing Kindness recipients. They recently received our Certificate of Appreciation for their efforts to spread kindness and stop bullying in their school.
Aaron and Adam Reisetter with their "Kids Choosing Kindness" certificates!!

Aaron and Adam Reisetter with their “Kids Choosing Kindness” certificates!!

Adam is a 4th grader in his elementary school in Minnesota.  He has a variety of interests including sports, reading and activities at church.  When his mother told him about the Choose Kindness event by Jeremiah’s Hope for Kindness that she saw on Facebook, Adam decided that he wanted to see if his school would get involved.  Adam is a member of his school’s student council and at the next meeting he told them about the Choose Kindness Everyday Campaign.  They decided to recognize the event by encouraging everyone to wear yellow and practice kindness. Adam was given the honor of reading the Choose Kindness pledge on the school announcement system and classes were encouraged to continue saying the pledge every day.  Adam stated that he would like to continue to spread kindness in his school by forming a Choose Kindness Club that would lead the way.  The principal and advisor to the student council are interested in his idea and plan on creating the club next year.  Actually “getting to do something to make a difference” in his school is what felt so good to Adam about all of this. He is always thinking of new ideas for the Kindness Club and looks forward to sharing these ideas with the principal, teachers and students of his school. He hopes that with the Choose Kindness Club next year he will be able to continue to make a difference in his school by helping kids choose to be kind which will also prevent bullying.
Aaron is in 2nd grade and attends the same elementary school as his brother, Adam.  Aaron is also involved in a number of activities including sports and church activities.  Aaron is too young to be in the student council at his school but he liked Adam’s idea of bringing the Choose Kindness Campaign information to the student council. Aaron helped his brother, Adam, invite people to sign up to be part of the event. He also showed his support by wearing yellow and participating in saying the pledge with his classmates.  Aaron stated that when Adam moves on to middle school for 6th grade, he will assume Adam’s activities in the Kindness Club and continue to spread kindness in his school.
Both Adam and Aaron are learning kindness at home from their parents, who often talk with them about friendship, being kind to themselves and to others. They talk about what to do when they see someone being hurt by others. They are also learning about empathy and kindness as they help with their baby sister, Ava. :)
Congratulations to Adam Reisetter and Aaron Reisetter for working to spread kindness and respect in your school and community!!  You are making the world a better place!! :) 
Aaron and Adam Reisetter with their little sister, Ava. :)

Aaron and Adam Reisetter with their little sister, Ava. :)