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Building Kind Schools and Communities

Compassionate Parenting

There is no single effort more radical in its potential for saving the world than a transformation of the way we raise our children.   ~Marianne Williamson


If there is anything that we wish to change in the world


Teaching and Modeling Compassion, Empathy and Mindfulness (and general parenting tips)

http://tlcinstitute.wordpress.com/2012/01/06/mindful-self-compassion-for-kids/ -Mindful Self Compassion for Kids

http://www.ehow.com/how_2262912_teach-compassion-within-family.html  –  Good suggestions for teaching compassion

http://www.goodtherapy.org/blog/being-mindful-empathy-building-play-therapy-0112114 -Being Mindful of ‘Kindfull’ Play: Empathy-Building Play Therapy (for therapists but good suggestions for parents or caregivers too)

http://www.medwonders.com/medblogs/general/developing-empathy-in-your-child-3287.htm -Developing Empathy in your Child

http://blogs.psychcentral.com/angst-anxiety/2012/02/your-worst-fear-as-a-parent-part-two/ – Becoming more mindful as a parent or educator

http://www.parentingscience.com/helpful-kids-and-rewards.html -Raising helpful kids: the perils of rewarding good behavior

http://www.parentingscience.com/teaching-empathy-tips.html -Teaching empathy: Evidence based tips for fostering empathy in children

http://www.parentingscience.com/social-skills-activities.html -Social skill activities for children and teenagers: Ideas inspired by research

http://parenting.kaboose.com/behavior/kindness.html -It’s Always Cool to be Kind: Top Ten Tips to Share with Your Children (includes list of children’s books on kindness)

http://www.positive-parents.org/2012/01/skeptical-about-positive-parenting.html -Positive Parenting: Peace Begins at Home

http://www.parentfurther.com/resources/enewsletter/archive/encouraging-kids-to-be-grateful#allparents  -Encouraging kids to be grateful

http://www.kstfamily.com/category/self-esteem-reminders -Self esteem reminders to use with children

http://www.scholastic.com/resources/article/raising-happiness-10-simple-steps-for-more-joyful-kids-and-happi -Raising Happiness: 10 Simple Steps for More Joyful Kids and Happier Parents

http://www.janebluestein.com/articles/whatswrong.html  -What’s Wrong with “I” Messages (many articles and information on this website)

http://www.chicagoparent.com/community/the-self-aware-parent/2012/january/teaching-your-children-that-they-belong -Teaching Your Children that they Belong

http://goodmenproject.com/fathers-day/100-ways-to-be-a-good-father – 100 ways to be a good father

http://www.parentfurther.com/resources/activity-generator -Everyday Activity Ideas -for parents and educators

http://learningtogive.org/resources/Adults-in-Schools-Guide.pdf – Guide for adults who want to volunteer in school


Nurturing Boys

https://www.facebook.com/BoysMentorshipCollaborative?fref=ts – has lots of info about nurturing emotional health and well being in our sons.

http://www.achilleseffect.com –For parenting and supporting boys and addressing rigid gender role stereotyping

http://www.paulkivel.com/index.php/resources/articles/item/55-boys-will-be-men-guiding-your-sons-from-boyhood-to-manhood -Boys will be men: Guiding our sons from boyhood to manhood by Paul Kivel

http://www.angeresources.com/shamebased.html -Shame based masculinity to holistic manhood by Dr. Michael Obsatz

Building Boys


Nurturing Girls

A Mighty Girl 

http://www.hghw.org – Hardy Girls- Healthy Women

http://poweredbygirl.org – Powered by Girl

http://www.girlshealth.gov/index.cfm – Info on health, relationships, bullying and much more for girls

http://bravegirlsclub.com – Brave Girls Club

The Princess- Free Zone


Nurturing All Genders 

(More resources coming soon)

Transforming Families, MN


Parenting websites and blogs

http://www.ahaparenting.com/parenting-tools – Wonderful tips on parenting


http://www.peaceful-parent.com –Peaceful Parent Institute




http://presenceparenting.com –Presence Parenting: Radically embracing the power of now

http://www.teach-through-love.com  -Teach through Love

http://theparentsstop.com –The Parent Stop

http://mindfulmomsnetwork.com –Mindful Moms Network

http://www.purejoyparenting.com –Leslie Potter’s Purejoy Parenting- creating joyful relationships with your children

http://www.transformativeparenting.com/resources -Resources from Transformative Parenting

http://www.janetlansbury.com – Janet Lansbury- Elevating child care

http://www.danoah.com – Single Dad Laughing (great blog by a single dad)

http://www.handsfreemama.com –blog by Rachel Macy Stafford


Helpful videos-

Meditations is a wonderful tool for all of us. Here is a great video to teach kids how to meditate-


Violence: A family tradition
This is a very good 13 minute Ted Talk by Robbyn Peters Bennett on the impact of spanking and family violence.


Find a wonderful series of short videos called “6 Steps to Build Kindness and Resilience” with Dan Siegel here.