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Cyberbullying is bullying that takes place through text messaging, email and/or social media sites and chatrooms.  It is extremely harmful because the target does not feel safe anywhere.  The lack of face to face interaction or sometimes anonymity  can make it easier for some to be hurtful to others. It is important for parents to be watchful and aware of their children’s use of electronic devices.

Below are a few links with helpful information and resources.



www.netsmartz.org – info and resources about cyberbullying for youth and adults

www.cyberbullyhelp.com – info and resources on cyberbullying for students and adults

http://www.digizen.org/ – info and resources on cyberbullying and social networks for students, parents and educators

http://www.cyberbullying.ca/ -info on cyberbullying (Canada)

http://www.childnet.com/ -resources and info for youth and adults on safe internet use

http://www.ncpc.org/cyberbullying?gclid=CPqU9I6BopQCFQqyEAod0ildtA – info on cyberbullying

http://www.stopcyberbullying.org/index2.html – info for students, parents and educators on cyberbullying

http://www.cyberbullying.us/research.php –  Cyberbullying Research Center

http://www.grabellaw.com/cyberbullying-the-new-online-crime.html – several resources are at the bottom of the page