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Building Kind Schools and Communities

Kids Choosing Kindness!

It is not the malicious act that will do us in, but the appalling silence and indifference of good people. ~Martin Luther King Jr.

Below are links to stories of what individuals, families, workplaces, faith organizations, civic organizations, youth groups, schools and communities are doing to spread kindness, to prevent bullying and violence and to support the well being of all youth, their families, schools and communities. These stories are intended to give ideas, to share what works, and to give hope and inspire. 

If you have stories you would like to share, please e-mail us at jeremiahshopefk@gmail.com. Thank you!


Kind Kids Club! :)


Josh- opening doors and hearts


High school student responds to being bullied by spreading messages of kindness. :)


How “Pink Shirt Day” began… :)  The story of two young men who became upstanders by wearing pink shirts! :)



 As we all know, the experience of being alone with no friends at recess or in the lunchroom is not a pleasant one. This little girl took that experience and took it upon herself to befriend others who appeared to have no friends. Soon she and her new friends started a foundation that encourages others to befriend kids who are alone. As adults we could take a lesson or two from this little girl and her friends, too. :) ♥  You can read more here.

Kindness in the Classroom


High School football players protect student who is bullied. :)


Middle School football players plan a life changing play on the field.  :)


Fifth graders stand up for bullied water boy.   :)



Osseo football captain responds to cyber bullying with “Osseo Nice” tweets.


Elderly woman who waves at students everyday receives kindness in return. :)



Smiling is a powerful, yet simple way to spread kindness. :)


Mix It Up Day by Teaching Tolerance is coming up on Tuesday, October 30.  Right now it is a once a year event but I think it would be great to get creative and think about how to incorporate it into the school year weekly and also in other places, at home (learning about people from other cultures, etc), workplaces or faith communities. It is a great way to help people meet and get to know people who are different or out of their circle of friends. It is a good opportunity to break down barriers and encourage new friendships. ♥

Read about what some schools are doing to maximize the experience of Mix It Up Day  here.


A young man at a Dairy Queen shows what kindness is-


Read about Flowers for the Under-Appreciated here


An award winning teacher shares why and how to cultivate empathy in the classroom here.

Meet the woman whose inspirational bathroom graffiti sparked viral compassion here.


Read the 35 acts of kindness done by a blogger and her children to celebrate her birthday here.

Another mother celebrates her birthday with 38 acts of kindness. Read about her day here.

Watch the “26 Moments that Restored our Faith in Humanity this Year”  here.


Life Vest Inside- Kindness Boomerang – “One Day”


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