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Building Kind Schools and Communities

Memorial and In Honor of Donations

 If you would like to donate in memory or in honor of someone, you can use the donate button or send a check to Jeremiah’s Hope for Kindness, P.O. Box 442, Faribault, MN 55021.  Please e-mail us at jeremiahshopefk@gmail.com to let us know who it is in memory or honor of and what you would like written on this page. Thank you so much! 


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Donations made to Jeremiah’s Hope for Kindness in honor of:

Jack Denny  ♥  ~ “Jack, you are an amazing young man with so much to offer the world. Share your strength and love with those less fortunate. I am proud to know you.”  -Martha Steinhart

Thabiso ♥   ~with love from his grandmother, Anita Hill on December. 12, 2013 

To all who have been treated unkind  ♥  ~from Michelle Blesi

For all the fine work Ann Gettis and the Ross family do day in and day out   ♥  ~ from Tom Marver

Jim Epperly and Marion London in honor of Jim’s special birthday  ♥  ~ from Nan Shaw,  November 27, 2016



Donations made to Jeremiah’s Hope for Kindness in loving memory of:

Eleanor Rubin   ~with love from from Marion London, James Epperly, Renee Herman and Bernard Herman on October 10, 2013

Holly Isbell  ~with love from mother Barbara Isbell on December 16, 2013

Christer Isbell  ~with love from mother Barbara Isbell on December 16, 2013  

James and Clarence Johnson    ~who were true examples of kindness… ~ with love from sister of James and daughter of Clarence, Carol Johnson, November 14, 2014

Janice Gustafson  ~with love from Marion London and James Epperly, January 14, 2015

Naomi Reisetter  ♥  ~in loving memory of my aunt who gave and gave and gave. She opened her home and her heart to many, helping families and individuals all her life. Thank you for being an inspiration to us all, with love from Ann Gettis and family, July 8, 2015

Lois Knutson  ~in loving memory of my aunt who worked and cared about kids all her life in her work as a librarian. She was a role model for kindness and compassion. With love, from Ann Gettis and family, August 5, 2015

Marvin Erickson  ♥  ~in loving memory of my uncle Marv. He was always willing to give a helping hand. He was also very supportive of my work in bullying prevention. With love, from Ann Gettis and family, November 12, 2015

Marvin Erickson, Naomi Reisetter and Lois Knutson  ♥ ~in loving memory of aunts Naomi and Lois and uncle Marvin, with love from Bruce and Mary Erickson and family, November 12, 2015

Arthur Warner  ~In loving memory with love, from Jan Warner, November 12, 2015  



Fundraising Efforts:

Milaca High School –  (pictures and story coming soon)


Woodland Elementary School – After hearing Jake Ross, a student bullying prevention advocate and Jeremiah’s Hope for Kindness supporter, speak at their school, the students decided to hold a fundraiser in honor of Jake Ross and donate the raised funds to JHFK.  Students and their families made friendship bracelets and sold them.  The students raised $288.00 and donated it to JHFK in honor of Jake Ross.  



Thank you to all who have so generously donated to our work preventing bullying and spreading kindness!!