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Building Kind Schools and Communities

References and Feedback

What people are saying about our work:

Our friend, Jake, shares his experience of being bullied and becoming empowered to speak out and become an advocate for safe schools. He has had amazing support from his mother, Melanie, the wonderful people at OutFront MN, Senators Dibble and Davnie and all of us at Jeremiah’s Hope for Kindness.Thank you, Jake!!! :)

Comments below are from  Jeremiah’s Hope for Kindness House Party on June 13, 2013 on the topic of bystanders and how to encourage and support our youth to become “upstanders” facilitated by Ann Gettis and colleague, Marion London:

“It gave me a new way to think about this issue.”

“Very well presented, a lot of information, great eye opener and important!”

“Extremely helpful.”


Comments below are from after presentations and workshops that Ann has given:

“Jeremiah saved my life by bringing you [Ann] into my life just a few years ago.”  -high school student at a school where  Ann presented.


 “Friday was the most inspiring uplifting and amazing presentation I have been at. I know you made a difference with all that was spoken and sharing your story and message. It definitely is one that I won’t forget, and I know there are many other kids I go to school with that say the same. Thank you for coming  Ann you really touched all of us!”   – high school student


“I was able to attend your presentation  yesterday, and I loved what you had to say. You tied in your personal story very well with how to make the world a kinder, better place. It was inspiring to hear how you went back to school and started an organization to make a difference. The materials that were handed out were very informative on how to stop bullying. My other classmates and I now feel motivated to be kinder to everyone.Thank you for taking time to encourage others to be nice to everyone and how we can make a difference in other people’s lives.”  – high school student at workshop given by Ann at a Youth Jam conference


” My daughter came home yesterday telling me all about you, your family and everything you spoke about today. I am sorry for your loss of Jeremiah, I am however grateful that you have the opportunity to touch so many lives and help change the future of these young people. I think so many adults could learn from this as well. Thank you again.”  -mother of student at a school where Ann presented


“I just wanted to send an email saying that I hope you are feeling good today about the work that you did yesterday. I have received such remarkable comments about your powerful presentation. Of course Jeremiah’s heart wrenching story will stay with attendees forever. You tell it with such grace, and it is so clear what dear boy he was.  But beyond that, you should be entirely proud of the data and education you shared;  the perspectives and hope you weaved in, the plea that you make for change. You are a very good speaker.”  -Beth Loechler, Executive Director of Families & Individuals Sharing Hope


“Ann came to our school to present on how to combat bullying.  She did a fantastic job presenting.  Students could relate to her personal story and struggle.  Based on Ann’s performance and interaction with the students, I would rate her presentation as superior. I would highly recommend Ann’s presentation at any school.”

Social Studies Teacher


“Everyone should go to this session! WOW! Makes me realize how important we can be as leaders to young girls”  – Girl Scout Leader referring to session Ann conducted at a Girl Scout Leader conference


“Mr. Ryan (elementary school principal) credits Ann Gettis as the catalyst for starting the Olweus Bullying Prevention programming (in his school). She has been a real advocate. Now kids are being empowered with the tools to prevent and deal with bullying, and the school is committed to it for the long term.”  “Ann has gone above and beyond to help us get this program going said the middle school guidance counselor”  as quoted from Kenyon Leader article.


“Should be required for everyone to attend.”- Girl Scout leader referring to a session Ann offered for a Girl Scout Leader Conference


“Thank you Ann for coming. You really made me see what bullying can do and the affects.”  ~Middle School Student


You know a lot of information and it was easy to see you have done a lot of research. I liked a lot of your ideas.” ~High School Student


“I liked that she (Ann) shared her own experience. I liked that we could interact while she was talking. I thought that it was cool that she told us different things that we can do to make bullying stop”.  ~High School Student


“While all my children are now adults, I do have a young grandson that I worry about in regard to bullying. I think that I am very in tune with the issues because of my past (childhood) history of being bullied, and of realizing that I have enabled bullying as well (through inaction when others were being bullied and by spreading gossip). Gaining insight into my personal experience has been helpful for me in enabling changes in my thinking and actions. Jeremiah’s Hope for Kindness has given me much more insight on the issues at hand facing the children of today with helpful intervention methods. I also have learned to recognize adult bullies, of which there are sadly and surprisingly more than one would hope. Jeremiah’s Hope for Kindness is a great resource for reading materials for the lay person as well as educators and also directs the reader to additional web sites and pages that are reaching out to educate and help communities promote methods to end bullying.” -supporter of Jeremiah’s Hope for Kindness


“You are an incredible woman and provide teachers with so much useful information.”  -Teacher


“I am a case manager for a mental health facility and my job is to work with children. I have used so many lessons from Jeremiah’s Hope for Kindness with children who are going through bullying but also children who are having other troubles too. You see, even in the midst of your pain – you are effecting change in people’s lives that you don’t even know you help. To add to that, many of my co-workers have gotten ideas also from you!”  -supporter of Jeremiah’s Hope for Kindness


“Please everyone check out the page Jeremiah’s Hope for Kindness. It is a page that has grounded me in a way. It has opened my eyes to other peoples struggles and i think it would do us all good to realize how our actions affect others.” -supporter of Jeremiah’s Hope for Kindness




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