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Building Kind Schools and Communities

Our Services & Programs

Our Guiding Philosophy

Our work draws from a number of theories, research, best practices and experience. We operate in the knowledge that bullying, which is violence, is a societal problem. We have a holistic, strengths-based and restorative approach.  We understand that all behavior is purposeful and an attempt to meet needs. Our work is built on the premise that we all have the capacity for kindness and compassion.

We work to educate, provide skills, resources and support to youth and adults with a primary goal of creating and strengthening caring and respectful relationships and environments in which every person feels valued and part of the community.

Ann Gettis (Jeremiah’s mom), has a Master’s Degree in Community Psychology with a focus on bullying/violence prevention.  Ann has given presentations in schools,  faith organizations, civic and youth organizations and community events. She is available as a speaker, consultant and resource for schools, parent groups, civic, faith based organizations and youth groups interested in stopping and preventing the cycle of abuse and violence by fostering a kind and respectful environment.  Ann is also a certified trainer for the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program.

Ann works closely with colleagues, Marion London and Melanie Ross developing and delivering services and programming.

Marion London, M. Ed., is  a certified trainer for the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program and has extensive experience in training, prevention, curriculum and program development and  education.

Melanie Ross has a Master’s degree in Public Health and many years of experience in prevention as a health educator and an advocate for youth.

We also have an active and passionate board of directors that work hard for the organization and its mission.

Our friend, Lydia, shares about being an Up-stander! :) Thank you, Lydia!! :)


Our Services & Programs

  • Presentations and Workshops: for youth and adults covering general bullying and bullying prevention.

We offer presentations and workshops covering the following topics all of which are related to preventing bullying.

  1. Becoming an Up-stander
  2. Community Building (to increase sense of belonging for students)
  3. The problem with labels
  4. Media Literacy (learning to analyze messages from the media
  5. Resilience skills
  6.  Up-stander 2 (talking about courage)
  7. What to do if I am bullied, I bully others, I witness bullying
  8. What can I do prevent bullying in my school?
  9. What is respect and how can we foster it in our homes and school?
  10.  Kindness
  11. Celebrating and respecting diversity
  12. Learning to include others
  13. Friendship
  14. Empathy
  15. Cyber bullying

We can tailor presentations to fit your needs.


  • Consultation:  to schools and any organization or community  interested in learning how to address and prevent bullying and foster kind and respectful environments


  • Resources and Support:  for parents, educators, students, and community members for bullying, violence prevention efforts and fostering kind and respectful environments


  • Certified training/consultation for the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program:  More info about this program at –




Please contact Ann Gettis at jeremiahshopefk@gmail.com or 507-649-0376 for further information.